East Riding Councillors for the Willerby and Kirk Ella, and South Hunsley Wards, are calling on East Riding Council and the Environment Agency to take seriously the impact waste processing facilities can have on residents living nearby.

At a meeting of the Full Council on 9th October, Councillors Ben Weeks and Vanessa Walker will ask fellow Councillors to support their Motion, which encourages the Environment Agency and Council Officers to consider how the treatment of our waste can impact on the lives of the residents living in proximity to the sites.This comes after a summer of complaints to Councillors and the Environment Agency, from residents who say that the smell, noise and pollution from these facilities, is preventing residents from using their gardens, forcing them to keep windows and doors closed, and is even causing problems with their health.

The Motion before the Full Council states that the Council ‘Congratulates residents and waste services for their recent success with Recycling, but recognises the impact waste treatment facilities can have’. It goes on to say that the Council ‘resolves to put the wellbeing, health and amenity of our East Riding Residents at a greater premium when processing waste’ and calls for the Council to work with the Environment Agency to ‘undertake proactive monitoring of planning conditions and take timely enforcement action when conditions are breached.’

Councillor Ben Weeks, who is proposing the motion said; “This Motion is calling for a shift in the attitude of regulating authority, the Environment Agency and this Council, to put the residents first, and once and for all address this ongoing and widespread problem. Residents should not be prevented from enjoying their gardens because of a foul smell caused from the treatment of waste.”

“We are working with the Environment Agency and the Council and I hope my fellow Councillors will support this Motion and send a message to them that it is time to bring an end to this, and take action.”

Councillor Vanessa Walker said; “Residents in our ward have suffered for many years and it is time the Council and Environment Agency listen to the concerns of residents and businesses.”