Gary McMaster

Councillor - Willerby and Kirk Ella

I was born and raised in Africa in a former British Colony. I Came to the UK in 1998 with my wife and six year old son.

My family and I settled in East Yorkshire and not long after arriving, our daughter was born. For the first few years in the UK, I struggled to settle having previously been a farmer in Africa with a farm about the size of East Yorkshire. I started a small business back in 2009 which today creates employment for around 20 staff.

My wife is a solicitor, my son is a director of the family business and my daughter is at University. 

I have always been interested in politics, but having come from Africa, politics was not a career option. I was elected in the 2015 elections to represent the Willerby & Kirkella wards. At that time I was resident in Keyingham. Subsequently my family and I up-routed and left our home of eighteen years to move to the ward I represent today. 

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Victoria Aitken was first elected to East Riding of Yorkshire Council 2013 to represent the residents of Howdenshire Ward on East Riding Yorkshire Council.  I live in North Cave, which is one of the larger villages in the ward.