Helen Green

Councillor - Cottingham South

Helen has lived in Cottingham for 20 years with her husband Alex and their 3 sons and has represented you in Cottingham South for the past 8 years. Before being elected as your councillor Helen had a varied career including working in teaching for many years and, after having a career break to bring up her family, she worked for a charity helping people with learning disabilities.  Helen has a proven record of supporting many residents in a wide range of issues including planning, housing, health, traffic, flooding and education. Helen now works full time as your Councillor and is very keen to promote Cottingham as a great place to live, work and shop. These beliefs prompted her to organise the Cottingham Food and Drink Festival in 2013, now an annual event which aims to promoting Cottingham and its businesses by drawing thousands of visitors to the village. Helen strongly believes it is vital to support our local economy to maintain a strong and vibrant community in the village..

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Victoria Aitken

Councillor - Howdenshire

Victoria Aitken was first elected to East Riding of Yorkshire Council 2013 to represent the residents of Howdenshire Ward on East Riding Yorkshire Council.  I live in North Cave, which is one of the larger villages in the ward.