Mike Medini

Mike has lived in Cottingham for 14 years with his wife and family. In 2008 he established his own business as a self-employed window cleaner and is well known around the village as a result. He is a strong supporter of local businesses and is passionate about maintaining village services. His daughter attends a local school and he wants to see continued support for education and children’s services in the East Riding of Yorkshire to push us even higher in the national rankings.  Mike wants to maintain Cottingham as a safe and strong community for his family to grow up in. Mike was first elected as a Councillor 4 years ago and since then he has worked hard to make sure the local issues that matter to you are on the Council’s agenda.

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Victoria Aitken

Councillor - Howdenshire

Victoria Aitken was first elected to East Riding of Yorkshire Council 2013 to represent the residents of Howdenshire Ward on East Riding Yorkshire Council.  I live in North Cave, which is one of the larger villages in the ward.