Richard Meredith

Councillor - Dale Ward

RICHARD was born in the area and has lived in Dale Ward for most of his life. Having attended Pocklington School and then Swansea University he returned to the East Riding with a degree in Politics. Since that time he has worked with ex-offenders as well as vulnerable adults. Becoming involved in local politics in 2005 Richard was successfully elected to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in 2015.

RICHARD writes, “In the last four years I have really enjoyed representing the people here and helping with issues that arise. By being active in the community I am able to assist in managing and resolving problems affecting residents.
Being on the Council Committee’s looking at Parking, Planning and Schools has ensured I can keep informed and have a say on issues that are most useful to the people in Dale Ward. Working with Councillors at East Riding has shown me what can be accomplished and the benefits that can be felt by the public as a result. We have helped keep standards high in our community as well as maintaining frontline services. Having grown up in the area I appreciate how fortunate I was and it is my intention to maintain what I have enjoyed.”

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